Bathroom Remodeling Before and After Ideas That Will Stun You

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Remodeling your kitchen and bath can make a huge impact on your home. Besides adding beauty and elegance, it’s the best place to relax after a tiring day, right? When your bathroom is updated, you have all the essential amenities to give you that spa-retreat experience. Let us show you some innovative bathroom remodeling ideas before and after

From Dark to Vibrant Space

If your bathroom hasn’t been redone for more than a decade, it does look dark and dingy. This becomes worse when you don’t clean your bathroom every week. You’ll see those dark grout lines or yellowish tiles, and it feels gross to see them, right?

You can do something about it, to help improve the looks and functionality of your bathroom. To make it more vibrant and clean, you need to update the tiles and flooring of your bathroom. Choose light-colored tiles to make your space more modern, spacious, and clean.

Clean lines and simple designs always work best for modern bathrooms. Neutral color quartz or marble countertops look great for modern bathrooms. Don’t forget to consider the area when upgrading your bathroom vanity and shower. However, you could achieve this if you look for a professional bathroom remodeling service

From Boring to Fabulous

Take out the cave-like aura of your bathroom. You can improve its beauty by updating those old bathroom vanities with a new one. It can be made from maple wood. Shaker or slab-style bathroom cabinets work best for making your bathroom more modern.

Updating your lighting fixture and vanity lights to marry with your vanity and countertop is recommended. Wide vanity mirrors with recessed lighting are in demand today. Open shelving and built-in storage are also trending with contemporary bathrooms. They make your space sleeker and more space-saving. This is one of the trending ideas for your bathroom remodeling before and after designs. These days, bathroom remodeling costs are expensive, and you want to achieve the design that is your money’s worth. 

From Outdated to a Stylish Masterpiece

Does your bathroom feel like in the 1900s? That’s a strong sign that you need to renovate it. From its vintage look, you can upgrade your walk-in shower, tub, and vanity to make it more modern and stylish. Walk-in showers with glass enclosures are a good choice. You can place your tub beside it so that you’d have a transitional layout perfect for modern homes.

From simple subway tiles, you can go for mosaic tiles for your backsplash or shower walls. You can go for a different tile design for your shower walls and flooring. This is a good accent that’ll help distinguish your walk-in shower from the rest of your bathroom. If you have enough budget for bathroom remodeling, might as well invest in stylish masterpieces. 

Upgrading your bathroom countertop to quartz or marble is also a good idea. You can have a contrasting color with your vanity to add more style to your outdated bathroom. Don’t forget to also update the fixtures and accessories to match with the new theme of your bathroom remodel.

From Crowded to more Open Space

Many before and after bathroom remodeling ideas improved space utilization. You can see this in most compact bathrooms. Even when you don’t have a wide space, you can still find ways of making your small bathroom more elegant and functional. Some of the things you can do there are the following:

  • Pedestal sink
  • Wall-mount toilet and tank
  • Floating vanity
  • White walls or pastel colors for your walls and floors
  • More lights
  • More glass surfaces
  • The frameless glass shower is ideal for small bathrooms

These are some of the things you can do for your bathroom remodel. We can help you implement these things and work around your budget and lifestyle.

From Vintage to Modern

If your bathroom feels like the 1970s, now is the time for you to renovate it. Going for white or muted tones is the best for making your bathroom more modern. Adding silver or gold hardware or fixtures is a great strategy to add visual interest and depth to your bathroom. 

Consider replacing a tiny tub with a spa-like walk-in shower enclosed by gorgeous marble honeycomb tiles that will lend a lushness to your space. Don’t forget to add a seating that matches the theme of your shower to complete the look. 

Another way to elevate the look of your vintage bathroom is to add funky geometric tile to the floor, and replace your bath with a contemporary freestanding soaking tub. Wood cabinetry will work wonders as it never goes out of style. Likewise, pull it off with a large circular mirror. There are master bathroom remodeling ideas that are using classic yet modern designs, and you might always want that. 

From Impractical to More Functional Design

Some homes come with outdated wooden cabinetry that its only function is to cover the area below the sink. It usually comes with a musty tile on both countertop and floors. If you’re one of those who have been suffering from this dysfunctional design, it’s time for an upgrade. 

You can transform this space into a brighter and a more functional design by: 

  •  replacing the dated vanity with double vanity
  • installing cabinets with ample storage
  • incorporating white counters and gold hardware
  • adding a large framed mirror, pair it with glass globe sconces

Aside from these, there are plenty of design options we can suggest and help you with to turn your bathroom into a more cozy and usable place. 

From Dull to Playful

Have you ever walked into a bathroom where you’re left awe-struck? Not because of the space it has but because of the personality that it holds. You can do the same in your space, here’s how:

Making a statement doesn’t always need a full renovation- small changes can offer big impact. Keep your existing vanity in place but apply a fresh new coat of paint. You can choose bold colors such as orange or yellow. Replace the hardwares and add fun wallpaper. Lastly, don’t forget to change light fixtures that will brighten your space and help emphasize fun in the atmosphere. 

From Single to Double

If you have a growing family, there might come a time when your single tub or vanity sink won’t be enough, right? That said, you can upgrade from a single sink to a dual vanity sink for your bathroom remodel. You can also opt for a dual walk-in shower if you have enough space for them. We can help you expand your master bathroom so that it fits your current lifestyle. 

Need Help Remodeling Your Bathroom?

We hope you had an amazing time scouring through our before and after home bathroom remodeling ideas. Our team has helped many clients get their dream home through smart renovations. Our client-focused approach to design-build services is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Do you need help redesigning your bathroom? We can be the best remodeling company you can count on. You can view some of our bathroom remodeling before and after photos for your inspiration. Otherwise, book a free design consultation with us today!

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