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Quartz extremely durable and non-porous. It has a glossy sheen, stain resistant and is unlikely to crack easily. For cleanliness, a non-porous surface means that it will not harbor bacteria or viruses. You can always be confident that you are getting your quartz countertop absolutely clean, and that’s a great benefit in both the kitchen […]

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Nero Marquina

Marble is beloved as a timeless and classic material, adding a note of luxury to any room. Its veining, formed by mineral deposits, makes it unique, piece to piece. This material has been chosen for its purity and luxury as far back as ancient times.

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Azul Platino

With its heat-resistant qualities, granite doesn’t blister; it’s also unlikely to scratch, etch, or chip and is stain resistant which makes it low maintenance and easy to care. It’s also better-looking and has a luminous, dimensional quality when polished.

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