Kitchen Remodeling Guide Using Kitchen Cabinets

We often say that kitchen cabinets are visually prominent and a significant investment, so choose carefully. Well, you can use kitchen cabinets to dictate the look and layout of the kitchen, and by extension, the functionality. This depends on the choices you make. This guide will show you how kitchen remodeling can start and end with your choice of kitchen cabinets.

Some basic terms

Before we get on with the main stuff, let’s clear up some cabinet terms you will be encountering.

  • MDF – Medium density fiberboard, popularly used as an affordable and durable alternative to solid wood in many types of furniture, including kitchen cabinets
  • RTA – Ready to assemble cabinets shipped in flat boxes complete with all panels and hardware
  • Base cabinets – Cabinets that go on the floor, and largely dictates the layout of the kitchen
  • Wall cabinets – Cabinets that go on the walls, often in tandem with base cabinets, but typically fewer in number
  • Framed cabinet – Cabinet box front edges are visible around the door, seeming to frame it
  • Frameless cabinet – Cabinet box front edges are not visible when the door is closed; the appearance of a set of frameless cabinets (or drawers for that matter) is an unbroken chain of doors (or drawers)

 Companies put these packages together for your convenience. You do not have to keep to these packages if you are not happy with the inclusions. Usually You can modify them or simply choose the cabinets you want.

You will often see or hear cabinetmakers expressing package prices by kitchen size, typically 10×10. This is for cabinets only, meaning that it includes the number of cabinets that will typically fit into a 10 x 10 feet kitchen. Do not confuse it by the 10 x 10 package offered by remodeling companies, which includes not only the cabinets, but also other essentials such as the floor, walls, countertops, and appliances. 

Making the right choices

Budget is always a major consideration when doing anything remodeling, especially when it involves replacing your kitchen cabinets. The cost for new cabinets has a wide range, depending on your choices. In some instances, it could cost as much as a small car.

To keep you in the black, you can look at cost-effective options available to you. One of these is choosing cabinets made from MDF rather than solid wood. Modern MDF are often more durable than solid wood as it is largely immune from expanding and contracting from changes in the weather. You can save quite a bit of change with MDF, and you can always choose solid wood just for the doors if you really want that authentic grain.

You can also choose less expensive models from top cabinet brands. Inset cabinets, for example, typically cost more than overlay cabinets.  Other budget-focused options include style, finishes, hardware, and extra features. Doing the installation, yourself can also help lower costs if you have the skills to do it.

If your budget is truly tight, you might want to consider keeping your old cabinets and refinish or reface them instead.  Cabinet refacing is typically changing the surface of the cabinet doors using veneers and laminate materials, many of which are recycled and environment-friendly. You have quite a few great designs available at a small cost, and can make your cabinets look like new. Even better, you can reface cabinets yourself if you feel like taking on the project. In some instances, refinishing the cabinets with a fresh coat of paint or varnish can make all the difference.

Going RTA

Many people are choosing RTA cabinets purchased from reliable cabinet suppliers as a convenient and cost-effective way to replace kitchen cabinets. You can easily assemble one of these cabinets on your own in as little as half an hour with just a few common tools.

Most of these RTA cabinets come with instructions, so even inexperienced DIYers can get the job done. Assembly does not require any actual carpentry. Once assembled, you can choose to have a pro install them (especially the wall cabinets) or do it yourself as well.

 The great thing about RTA cabinets is that it is available on demand in a large variety of colors and styles, and they are much more affordable than custom or stock cabinets. One reason for this is they come disassembled in flat packages, so the manufacturer saves money on labor and shipping, some of which they pass on to the end user (you).

You can also order them online from reliable cabinet suppliers, although you do have to pay for delivery. To keep delivery fees low, order from a local company that services your area.


The choices you make for your kitchen cabinets eventually dictate your kitchen design. Fortunately, cost-effective options are available for good quality cabinets, so your kitchen does not have to look budget-constrained even if you were. If you are in the market for the best deals in quality cabinets, Cabinets City is your best bet in Chicago, Schaumburg, Arlington Heights, Des Plaines, Hoffman Estate, Elk Grove Village, and surrounding areas. Visit our showroom in Mt. Prospect, Illinois to see what we have to offer.

We carry some of the best brands in the country, from RTA to freestanding cabinets, and at the best prices compared to Cabinets To Go and Advance Cabinets. These include Schrock, Fabuwood, J and K, Forevermark, and Wolf Cabinets, each of which come with manufacturer warranties. We always deliver on time, so you will not have to worry about keeping your schedule to stay in budget.

We can advise you on the best cabinets for your kitchen remodel. Give us a call for a free consultation and quote!

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