Trendiest Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Incredible

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Are you looking for the best bathroom remodeling ideas for small bathrooms? We’ll be talking more about it here. There are absolutely a good number of ideas that could help you plan a bathroom that you’ll love. There are bathroom remodelers that can help you achieve such as well. 

One of the most used spaces at home is your bathroom. However, remodeling your small bathroom can be challenging if you have the limited square footage for your bathroom. The key to planning your small bathroom is clever planning in terms of its layout, storage options, and design choices. 

Now, let us look at some small bathroom remodeling ideas that are trendy, yet doable. 

Choose a compact tub

When selecting a tub for your small bathroom, you can choose a small or compact one, or you can also customize the size depending on your available space. You can also opt to pick a built-in model that is attached to the wall. 

Install a skylight

This idea is both economical and practical. If you don’t have space for windows for your natural light, installing a skylight can solve your problem. It can significantly brighten your space with natural light but also keeps privacy in your bathroom. 

Use a large mirror

It is widely known that installing a mirror can create an illusion of a bigger space. This is one of the popular techniques for small bathroom remodeling ideas. You can complement it with bright or light-colored wallpaper. 

If you want to amplify the spacious look of your bathroom, you can also use a backlit mirror. This serves a dual purpose, it gives additional lighting and also serves as a night light. 

Lift curtains strategically

Choose curtains that look like a drape and hang them all the way up, nearly to the ceiling. Lifting the curtain past the usual tub will create an illusion of an elongated wall. This will dramatically help your small bathroom ceiling look higher.

Go for a sliding door

Where space is very essential, a sliding door can be a great friend for your small space. A door with a hinge can take up space in your small bathroom as you open it. Replacing it with a sliding door, you can have another room for additional storage. The tricky part is you need to find another area for your towels. 

Add a shower niche

Adding a shower niche is one of the remodeling small bathroom ideas which saves space and time around your showers and baths. Installing a niche for your towels and other products is a practical way of adding storage areas and minimizing overcrowding in your bathroom spaces. 

Opt for Clear Glass Doors

Natural light is vital for cramped areas like small bathrooms. Instead of using dark curtains, opt for clear glass doors. You can also add ceramic or glossy tiles for reflective purposes. This will create more space and a breathable area for your small room. 

There are more ideas small bathroom remodeling ideas you can learn from us. We have been in the industry for years, so we can ensure to give valuable insights for your bathroom redo. You can view our bathroom projects to get inspiration. You can see many bathroom makeover pictures that’ll help you imagine the possible outcome of your brand new master bath.

Use minimal fixtures

Too many fixtures can overcrowd your small space. Opt for wall mount fixtures for your bathroom vanity and pair it with a floating vanity that maximizes every inch of your space. You can also add drawers under the floating vanity, which increases its functionality and keeps things clean. Other than that, you may also add bins or baskets below your drawers for your towels or other items. 

Tuck Cabinets into the wall

You can save a lot of usable space by tucking your cabinets into the wall. There are bathroom cabinet ideas that will help you have a more customized bathroom. This also takes up less visual appearance. These cabinets can be stuck with your medical supply, vanity supply, and other bathroom products. 

Create a Gallery wall

A small space can also be a fun space for your artwork. If you have so much vertical space inside your bathroom, therefore, hanging your beautiful artwork will turn it around. This also radiates your personal style and shows off your beautiful art pieces. Ensure that all the pieces are water-resistant and framed properly to avoid damage caused by dew or moisture.

Make your vanity corners curve

With a small bathroom, you’re most likely to bang into your vanity or on the edge of your cabinets. One of the ideas for remodeling a small bathroom that is significantly helpful is making your vanity or cabinets edge soft and round. You can pair this type of vanity design with a long mirror and sconces.

Play with patterns

Aside from using simple tiles for your bathroom, why don’t you go for a patterned floor? Using patterned tiles can draw more attention to your floor or to your wall. It is also one way of bringing your personality into your bathroom space. 

You can assign the same patterns for your floor and your shower niches. This will help give your bathroom a fun vibe. You can also bring up your patterns to the wall. A clever idea is to use medium or large-scale wallpapers or tile patterns. This will make your space appear bigger. 

Use a ladder for your towels

An important element inside the bathroom is your towel rack. To make the space of your bathroom more functional, use a ladder to hang your towels instead of using the usual towel rails. If your space is not friendly for a stand-alone ladder, you can use a ladder that can sit above a toilet. 

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