Tips On How To Successfully Remodel Your Basement Within Budget

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Aside from kitchen and bath, your basement is another part of your home that needs attention. A finished basement adds future resale value and provides additional living space to your home. A functional basement will give you a return of roughly 70 to 75 % of your investment. This means if you disburse $10,000 on renovation and upgrades, the value of your property will increase by about $7,000. 

Basement renovations can vary widely and are heavily influenced by the size of the space, the work needed and the type of materials to be used. It is also influenced by the basement remodeling ideas you have in mind. If you plan to undertake basement remodeling on a budget, it is essential to follow cost-effective planning. 

Here are some valuable tips to help you transform your underground space more livable without breaking the bank. 

Determine the purpose of your unused space

Before splurging money for any improvements, you need to decide how you want to use the space. According to kitchen remodeling services,  it will guide you to decide everything from the type of flooring to the wall paint color. Knowing the purpose of your basement will help you avoid unnecessary purchases. So, take your time and plan out how you want to use it. 

If you’re planning to remodel it to increase the resale value of your home, an open basement layout will be a great option. This will allow future homeowners to use it for their own goals. On the contrary, if you want to stay longer in your current place, you may want to transform the place according to your desires.

Set a detailed plan and budget

When remodeling a basement on a budget, it is critical to have a clear and detailed plan which includes the amount you are willing to spend for this project. Hiring a basement remodeling company will be necessary as they can provide you with a concrete plan and provide you with an estimate. 

Consider asking for a quote on finishing a basement from different contractors and comparing which will work out within your budget. Moreover, keep a contingency fund to deal with unexpected problems and expenses. It is highly recommended to set a 10- 20 % of contingency. 

Generally, expect an average of $25 to $50 per square foot as your basement remodeling budget. This is roughly $30, 000 on average to finish your basement. But, this is not a final price tag as it will vary depending on the different factors, including how you want to use the space. 

Clean your basement before renovating

This can be the second important thing to do in preparing your unfinished basement for renovation. That way, you can better visualize what you want to do with it. Also, you can save from hiring a house cleaning service for that matter. That’s around $100 to $200 savings in your pocket.

When your basement is free from clutter, professionals can easily work on the plan and design of your basement remodeling ideas on a budget. We offer a free design consultation to help you with this endeavor.

Manage any signs of moisture

Humidity is one of the significant problems you should deal with before starting your project. The presence of mildew, mold growth, water infiltration, and condensation are the common signs you should be aware of. These can deform any future flooring or wall in your basement. 

If you’re planning to do the moisture test yourself, below are the tests you can conduct to check for moisture:

Calcium chloride test

To do the calcium chloride test, in 3 different locations for every 1,000 square feet of flooring,

carefully place weighed calcium hydroxide in a container with a plastic seal. Leave it for 72 hours.

After 72 hours, weigh the container again. The extra weight in the container is caused by water


Relative humidity test

This test is usually conducted by experts. They’ll drill directly into the concrete slab or use installed meters to test the humidity levels of the floor. This process provides more accurate information about humidity levels throughout your basement area. 

You may ask the professionals to conduct a full inspection of your home before you start your renovation. It is essential to check for any signs of water, or cracks, as they need to be repaired to help reduce the risk of unwanted problems in the future. 

Avoid over-customizations

This is one of the important budget basement remodeling ideas you should consider. Having a highly customized basement can surely cost you more money. You can utilize prefabricated cabinets, and shelves effectively which helps you save funds without compromising functionality. As a matter of fact, there are many kitchen cabinet design ideas that won’t require you to spend more money. 

You can also consult your basement remodeling contractor about the details so they can work within your budget. 

Keep the structural footprint

Remodeling a basement on a budget means keeping the layout of your basement. It requires extensive work, requires more time, and materials, and increases costs if you opt to change the electrical and plumbing fixtures in your basement. Additionally, you will need to call your local city planning department for permits and inspections to ensure that the changes made are according to the local codes and requirements for renovation. Just like some kitchen remodeling ideas that keeps the structural footprint, you could do the same with your basement. 

Know the requirements and permits on your local

For any remodeling done on your house, you need to know if you need to secure a permit for it. Also, you need to know the requirements imposed on your city or municipality engineering office for home remodeling.

This process is tedious and takes time, yet if you hire a remodeling company, they can take care of this. Oftentimes, we include the paperwork and permits for basement remodeling. We do that for the convenience of our clients.

Some of these common requirements are ceiling heights, emergency exits, drainage, and electrical wiring. All these things, we’re going to take care of them for you.

Hire a Basement Renovation Contractor

Basement renovation is a huge venture. As you attempt to do it yourself to cut costs, yet, this may not significantly help in the long run. There are so many factors you need to consider when finishing your basement. If you don’t have any knowledge about the process and the details, you will end up spending more than your budget. 

Therefore, hiring professionals who understand the process of renovation will help you save time, money, and effort. They also have the right tools and appropriate training to do the job.

Need more basement budget remodeling ideas? Contact Us

We hope to have given you enough ideas and tips on how to save on your basement renovation. We understand how crucial it is to make this project a success.

Therefore, proper planning and budgeting is a must. Should you need more ideas and advice, feel free to book an appointment with us. We give free consultation for basement redo. We’re ready to listen and help you realize your dream basement makeover.

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