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The basement is considered the most overlooked space around the house. However, it holds many greater possibilities than just a storage space for your seasonal toys and items. You can transform your unfinished basement into a new office, kids’ bedroom, or theater room. 

Before starting your basement remodeling project, make sure to check with your local offices to know the permits needed and any zoning ordinances. This will save you time and spend on unnecessary things. 

If you are planning for basement remodeling on a budget, here are some budget-friendly tips from reliable kitchen and bath remodeling contractors for you: 

How to save on basement flooring?

Basement flooring should be durable and waterproof. Check down below some affordable options for your  flooring: 

  • Choose a carpet over a tile

One of the budget basement remodeling ideas you can do is placing a carpet. This can be a simple idea, but it could make a significant difference. Choose colors and textures that match well with the cabinetry or fixture in your basement. 

Some homeowners are ambivalent about this idea because of the moisture. No one wants damp flooring. However, if the waterproofing of your flooring is done right, this shouldn’t be a problem. Well, you need to work well with a reliable bath and kitchen remodeling service to make sure your basement is safe from all the problems that may arise in the future. 

  • Paint the floor

You can still be creative while staying on a budget. Painting your flooring can be a lifesaver. It is recommended to use a two-part epoxy finish. Choose bright colors such as white to brighten up your space. If you opt for a dark color, balance it with a bright-colored ceiling and walls. After painting, don’t forget to seal the surface to reduce abrasion. 

  • Add some floor mats

If you decide to transform your basement into a play area or a gym, then you can install interlocking floor mats. This is a very important addition if your kids play as it provides a cushion. You can also select a variety of colors that will match the theme of your basement. 

How to save on finished basement walls?

Adding insulation and drywall is the final step in finishing a basement. Insulating your basement can save a lot of money, especially if you are living in an area with extreme weather conditions. You can save on heating and/or cooling costs. 

If you are planning to spend the most time in your basement and transform it into a home office or an in-law suite, you need to make sure to insulate it and use panels or drywall. 

Paneling or drywall comes at different prices. The cheaper finishing option is the drywall since it requires fewer details and finishes everything during the installation process. Drywall also provides additional soundproofing to your space. 

However, if you are planning to use your basement for occasional reasons such as a play area or a home gym, then you should choose an inexpensive option such as: 

  • Paint your wall 

As long as you ensure that your basement walls are waterproof and in good condition, you don’t need to install panels or drywall. You can paint them instead. 

  • Use curtains

If you want to add privacy in a particular area without doing any construction, you can hang curtains. Hang your curtains across the ceiling using a track installed or a wire stretched from one side to the other. 

How to save on a basement ceiling?

The basement ceiling can be one of the ignored elements in a basement. Despite this, this is also where you can save much of your budget. Here’s a low-cost upgrade you can apply:

Repaint it

Painting your ceiling with a neutral tone helps create a refreshing basement. This idea is good for basement remodeling on a budget. The average cost of repainting the basement ceiling is around $1 to $2.50 per square foot. 

Add a ceiling canopy

Installing a decorative element on your ceiling is good to add romance to your basement remodeling budget. There are hundreds of ways to make a stylish accent to your ceiling. It could be geometric or homey in design. One that would complement the other elements inside your basement.

How to save on your cabinetry

Improving the storage of your basement is also great. It helps declutter your space while adding an elegant vibe to your area. Remodeling a basement on a budget is a challenging project, yet planning is the best way for you to accomplish this. Here are some options you can do to save on your basement cabinets:

Go for standard cabinets 

The average price of stock cabinets is $100 to $1,000 per linear foot. We can help you find quality and beautiful cabinets for your basement. We have a selection of them from trusted suppliers like Forevermark and Fabuwood.

Choose a neutral color for your cabinets, as it makes your space feel cleaner and more spacious. This is workable for modern, transitional, or classic themes. You might also want to check some kitchen remodeling ideas and look for cabinets that might suit your basement well

Open Shelving

With the prices of kitchen cabinets getting higher, adding open shelving to your basement storage is ideal. This is cheaper than cabinets, yet you need to dust them off weekly. The main benefit of open shelving is that it makes your space look seamless and more spacious. You can also place some decorative accessories there to complement your walls.

Proper lighting is important

You need to get rid of the dungeon-like feeling inside your basement. To do that, you need to install lighting fixtures that are both functional and decorative. Take advantage of the industrial vibe of your lighting fixture on the ceiling. You can save more if you don’t cover it up, just arrange them properly, and it would look great. We know that the cost of basement remodeling isn’t cheap, so we need to make sure that you get the best without spending more. 

Here are some ideas for your basement lighting:

All-over lighting 

These kinds of lights have wide area coverage. It can illuminate your basement efficiently. Installing one or three ambient lights would be fine.

Task Lighting

This one can be installed underneath your wall-mount cabinets so that your countertop will have proper illumination. We can place the switch on the wall, so you can easily turn it on or off.

Recessed Lighting

This lighting fixture is good as an accent to your ceiling lights. You can also install that on the border of your ceiling.

Do some work yourself

Doing some work is part of your options for remodeling the basement on a budget. Jobs that are not so technical, you can handle this on your own. That way, you can save on labor costs. Cleaning and painting works are two of the tasks you can do on your end. There are cleaning tips and tricks that you can always count on to keep your basement fresh and livable. 

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