5 Budget-Friendly Tips On Remodeling Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is considered the heart of every home. Hence, making it highly functional and convenient for everyone is essential. Now, if this part of the home needs remodeling, it isn’t always practical to break the bank for an upgraded kitchen and bath design.

But one cannot also assure that you won’t go over your budget, right? If you forget about the essential things you need to upgrade, definitely, you’ll spend more than you have planned. In this article, we’re going to share with you the best tips for affordable kitchen renovation. These tips come from professional kitchen remodeling services, so you’ll be on the right track. 

5 Practical Tips for an Affordable Kitchen Remodel

There are various ways to achieve a crave-worthy kitchen without going over the budget. Here are a few simple tips and ideas for kitchen remodeling on a budget:   

Keep the floor plan

Changing the floor plan is more complicated work which increases the budget. For instance, if you want to switch the sink with the side of the cooktop, you will need to also change the plumbing fixtures which requires a plumber to do so. 

If the average cost of kitchen remodeling is $10,000, yet you want to change the floor layout, then expect an additional cost of around $2,000 to $5,000. That’s because of the added labor and material required for updating the layout of your kitchen.

Hence, maintaining the same floor plan will be a more budget-friendly option. Remember to keep the appliances/plumbing in the same spot. The important thing about kitchen remodeling on a budget is that it shouldn’t interfere with the layout. 

Re-polish or Repaint

A fresh coat of paint is an effortless way of making your cooking space feel anew. This is an inexpensive project that can be done on the weekend. To achieve a cohesive look, you need to pay attention to the design and color theme with the rest of the house. 

The cost of repainting kitchen cabinets is cheaper than getting new ones. But if your cabinets are old and damaged, perhaps, it’s the right time to replace them. That way, you’re increasing the storage and beauty of your kitchen. If you want to save, you can go for stock or prefab cabinets. We can help you find affordable kitchen cabinets in our store.

Choose a bright color scheme to give a welcoming vibe and give an impression of a bigger space in your kitchen. Also, it is equally important to choose a color or texture that withstands different kitchen elements such as oil, water, steam etc. 

Besides renovating your cabinets, you also need to check your floors. Are they still looking great? If not, then you have to re-polish them. Remodeling a kitchen on a budget includes re-polishing your floor especially if it is wooden. This will cost you less compared to replacing it entirely. To upgrade your old tiles, revamp them using stencils. This will help you minimize the cost and work.

If you let a professional polish your hardwood floor, that would cost you around $3 to $5 per square foot. If you have a 500 square foot kitchen, then expect to pay $1,500 to $2,500 for refinishing your wooden floors. But if you have the time and proper equipment, then you can take care of this yourself. Below are the basic steps for refinishing hardwood floors:

  • Clean and prepare your kitchen
  • Repair any damages
  • Sanding
  • Buffing your floors
  • Applying the sealant or stain
  • Buffing again

Upgrade cabinet hardware

Replacing the kitchen cabinets is one of the most expensive parts of a kitchen renovation. Tearing them down for new ones isn’t a practical option, instead install new hardware with a modern finish. You can upgrade the handles and hinges of your cabinets to match its new paint.

To achieve a homey vibe, most homeowners choose satin, bronze, or copper finish cabinet hardware. This matches with white, brown, or darker tones for your cabinets. Our designers can help you pick and install the right cabinet hardware. Otherwise, we can help you select an affordable cabinet for your kitchen remodel.

When buying a new set of hardware, take with you the existing knobs or drawer pulls to the hardware store near you. Before installing the newly-bought hardware, add a coat of paint to your old cabinets to freshen them up. This is a simple way of upgrading your kitchen that makes a big impact with little investment of money. If you think you’re cabinets are all good, might as well try painting kitchen cabinets, as it also makes a huge impact.

Bring in Some Light

Most old kitchens tend to have insufficient or improper lighting. Insufficient lighting can be dangerous. Since you’ll be carrying out a lot of delicate tasks in the kitchen, such as cutting or cooking food, it is vital that your space is thoroughly and brightly lit. 

Use ambient lighting like recessed lights to illuminate the entire kitchen space. If you already have them in place, you may add or replace them with LED lights as they are more energy-saving. You will be able to save on your electricity bills in the long run. 

For safety addition, add task lighting directly above your main workspaces to ensure that you can see exactly what you’re doing while chopping vegetables or cooking food. This decreases the chances of unforeseen accidents. 

For aesthetic purposes, install accent lighting like wall lights or pendant lights above your kitchen island or dining table. Under-cabinet lights can also give a different look to your kitchen. 

If your space allows it, let some natural light in by installing windows next to your kitchen. This will save you money on utility bills and helps bring in a natural and welcoming vibe into your kitchen. 

Rearrange your furniture

Identifying your kitchen’s traffic configuration is an important part of remodeling the kitchen on a budget. Once you have identified this, you can now start rearranging your furniture to make the most of the space.

Proper placement of your appliances and workstations is a must for a cohesive workflow in the kitchen. The work triangle of your kitchen (sink, fridge, and cooktop) must be maintained for an efficient cooking station. 

If you have an extra budget, you can opt for replacing your old tables, chairs, or other old fixtures to fit the size of your existing space. If you’re going for a small kitchen remodel, choose multifunctional furniture, such as a movable table. 

Other things to consider

There are many kitchen remodeling ideas on a budget, you just have to find which one works for you. The things we shared, not all of them can be applied to your kitchen remodel. But we can help you think of ways, practical ones that can lift the value and function of your kitchen. Below are other things you can consider for an affordable kitchen renovation:

  • Buying appliances on sale
  • Going for stone remnants for kitchen countertops and backsplash
  • Update the light fixtures
  • Do some of the work if you’re hiring a professional remodeling company

Let’s Wrap Up

We hope you had an amazing time reading through the article, and learning things on remodeling the kitchen on a budget idea. In case you need assistance, feel free to reach out, and we’ll help you make your kitchen makeover worthwhile. Our experience in the industry can help you get your dream kitchen for a budget that works for you.

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