The Total Cost of A Shower Remodel You Need To Know About

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A great way to start and end your day is by having a warm shower. It takes off all your stress and pains. But when your shower is worn out, will you still have an enjoyable time then? That said, renovating your shower would be essential to keeping the best features of your walk-in shower and tub.

People, these days, are all about renovating their kitchen and bath design. However, let’s dig into one thing, how much will remodeling a shower cost you today? If you’re not updated with this, then you’re in the right spot, as we’re going to share with you the total cost of remodeling a shower. Read through our article to be guided, and if you have questions, feel free to contact us.

What’s the average cost of remodeling a shower?

Let’s face it, we understand that price will influence your decision and scope of renovating your shower. That’s understandable, so to give you an idea, the average bathroom remodeling cost is between $2,000 to $10,000. 

Take note, the overall cost of shower remodeling depends on certain variables like your location, the kinds of products you’ll use, square footage, permits, and labor fees of your chosen company offering a bathroom remodeling service. Those are the major things that are going to either lower or increase your total budget for a shower remodel.

What’s the breakdown of the remodeling bathroom shower cost?

You already know that there are factors affecting your shower remodeling budget. Now, let’s go over the general breakdown of the cost of renovating your walk-in shower:


This costs around $500 to $5,000 depending on the type and brand you’ll use. The cheapest shower type to renovate is a freestanding shower with an enclosure. This costs around $590 to $1,500 for the materials while $90 to $200 for labor. The overall cost for that will be around $700 to $2,000. 

Bathroom countertops

This is one of the highlights of any shower and bath remodel. The cost of a brand new countertop is around $300 to $2,000. Some of the popular materials used for this are granite, marble, and quartz.

If you have granite, that costs between $75 to $300 per linear foot. For quartz, that’s around $110 to $300 per linear foot. Depending on the material and if there are customizations to be done, the price varies accordingly. It’s best if you get a free quote for your countertop installation. Bathroom vanities are also important if you want a better looking kitchen with storage solution for all of your stuff in the bathroom. 

Cabinets and Toilets

Next will be the cost of installing new cabinets and toilets. For brand new cabinets, that would cost you around $270 to $5,000 while for toilets, that’s between $80 to $3,000. 

If you want to save, you can opt for a pre-made bathroom cabinet. This costs around $100 to $2600. But if you want a custom cabinet, that’ll be between $500 to $5,000. 

In terms of having your new toilet, cost would depend on type and labor. The cheapest one is the one-piece toilet which is $100 to $1,000 while labor is around $100 to $300. If you want a two-piece toilet, that costs around $150 to $3,000 while labor for that is around $200 to $300. 


Installing a new shower pan costs around $900 to $2,300. If you go for a pre-made pan, that’s around $500 to $1,500. If you want a tile shower pan, that’ll be around $900 to $3,500. So, the average cost of shower pan installation is between $300 to $4,600 and most homeowners spend around $900 for their new shower pan. Most of the shower remodeling ideas you could see usually focus on the floor of the space. 

New paint

For a basic painting job for your shower and bath, that would cost around $323 to $800. The cost of repainting your bathroom depends on the kind of paint and how much you’re going to use. Typically, one-gallon costs around $20-$30. If you use designer paint, that’s more expensive, hitting around $100 per gallon.

The cost of labor for this is between $20 to $50 per hour. That’s equivalent to $1 to $4 per square foot. If you have a 30 square feet bathroom, the labor cost for painting will be around $30 to $120.  Check out some bathroom remodeling trends that focuses on paint and see what will inspire you. 

Plumbing Cost

If you plan to move your sink, tub, or walk-in shower, that entails plumbing cost. Oftentimes, moving your pipes increases the cost of labor for remodeling a shower. The average cost of plumbing for a shower remodel is between $2,000 to $10,000. 

When it comes to plumbing works, it’s not just re-lining and moving pipes, they’ll also install new fixtures for your shower and bath. Install a new sink and faucet, which would cost you around $50 to $300. For installing a new shower, that’ll be around $150 to $3,500. 

For the plumbing works of your bidet and tub, that’ll be around $350 to $2,900. That said, it’s not cheap to hire a plumber, yet that’s necessary to ensure there’ll be no leaking in your bathroom. 

How much does a one day shower remodeling cost?

An average one day shower remodeling cost would be around $120 to $300 per square foot. If you have a 5×7 shower, the cost to remodel will be $4,200 to $10,000. For larger showers (starting from 10 x 10 and larger), the cost of shower remodeling is $12,000 to $42,000.

How much is small shower remodeling?

A small shower or bathroom remodel is about $2,500 to $10,000. Square footage is a strong determinant of your total shower cost. Remodeling the bathroom and shower is a value-adding project you can do for your home. Adding shower costs greatly depends on square footage, products used, and labor.

What factors affect the cost of remodeling your shower?

Let’s outline some of the important variables influencing the total cost of shower renovation. 

  • Inclusions of your shower makeover
  • Total area of your shower
  • Location of your house
  • Cost of hiring a plumber
  • The fixtures and products you’ll use for renovating your shower and bath

Do I need to hire a professional shower remodeling service?

Hiring an expert would entail a higher cost for labor, yet if that’s for the success of your shower makeover, that’s worthwhile. Renovating your shower is complex work, and if you make a mistake, that can be expensive, especially if you’ll be redoing a lot of things. There’ll be added cost and material to that mistake.

Therefore, to ensure the success of getting your dream shower, it’s best to hire an expert. Dupont Design Center is here to help you design and renovate your shower, one that best fits your lifestyle. 

If you’re also going for a basement remodeling, you can also choose the right bathroom cabinets suitable to the theme you’re having for your basement’s bath. 

Contact us for a free design consultation today.

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