Luxurious Shower Remodeling Ideas Worth Splurging On

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We believe you deserve the best bathing experience. It helps relieve stress and rejuvenate yourself after a day of work. So, when was the last time you checked the things inside your shower and bath? Are they still looking great? Maybe, it’s time for you to consider remodeling your bathroom.

Whether pursuing bathroom remodeling or upgrading your shower room, don’t forget to combine luxury with its functionality. Most homeowners discount aesthetics over usability, however, adding some luxury accessories will help your space feel lavish and splendid. It is like walking into a five-star hotel whole year round. 

To inspire you and help you create a stunning bathroom remodel, here are some luxury shower remodeling ideas worth splurging on for you: 

Upgrade your bathroom space

One thing that is common to a luxury bathroom is its spatial feature. Regardless of its design, you can give it an expensive vibe if you increase its square footage. Yet, if your space is limited and adding extra square footage is nonviable, you can employ minimalist design features in your bathroom. This is a great strategy to create an illusion of space. 

Add a view 

Among the shower remodeling ideas is adding huge windows next to wonderful views. Seeing a great view while relaxing in your bathtub is one of the features of luxury. However, if your concern is lack of space or privacy reasons, then what you can do is use modern and luxurious wallpaper to add up to the feel of your bathroom.  

Upscale your lighting features 

Aside from space, the most pristine addition to your luxury shower remodeling is upscaling your lighting features. You can make use of the available natural light by adding windows or cutting in a skylight. Or you can also use artificial light by adding accent lighting such as a full chandelier or adding ample lights to your bathroom. 

Regardless of the size of your bathroom, picking the right lighting for your luxury bathroom is a practical idea to make it more opulent.

Install custom bathroom features 

Custom bathroom features will be a great option if you want your bathroom to be impressive. You may use beautiful tiles and stone for a distinctive look for your custom built cabinets. It adds the feel of luxury and at the same increases storage space. 

You can also add custom-cut sinks, backsplashes, and showers. Or custom-built vanities, fireplaces, and water closets. Use beautiful stones (such as marble, granite, or quartz) for your custom bathroom features. 

Incorporate sophisticated plumbing and water fixtures

There are plenty of remodeling shower ideas to choose from that will add luxury to your bathroom. One creative idea is to incorporate high-end plumbing and water fixtures. Add a heated toilet seat, jacuzzi, or waterfall bathroom faucets. Or add a programmable shower or rain head fixture. 

Invest in Natural Materials 

Natural materials accentuate the luxurious touch of a bathroom. Marble tiles are also a great option as it gives a natural vibe in the bathroom. You can also select other natural stones such as granite and quartz. 

Include in your bathroom remodel the use of tiles for your shower, niches, and flooring. Choose a unique design and gorgeous mosaic for wall tiles. 

Install frameless shower doors 

Aside from giving a sleek and modern look to your luxury bathroom, frameless shower doors offer several benefits. One of them is that they are extremely strong because they are made from tempered glass, which is stronger than regular glass. 

Additionally, it allows you to see what is beyond the doorway, which minimizes the risk of accidents. Moreover, they also allow light to flow, making the space feel larger. 

Choose a focal point 

A luxury detail you can add to your luxurious shower remodeling ideas is selecting a focal point. You can decide whether you add an island with a marble countertop or a chandelier or a standing bathtub to be your focal point. This will help your bathroom stand out and give it special regard. 

Add an Art Gallery

To elevate luxury in your bathroom, you can add unique and beautiful artworks that complement well with the theme or design of your shower. They don’t only serve as decorative art pieces, but also speak more about your lifestyle and personality. This allows your guests and loved ones to enjoy and relax inside your luxurious shower. 

Install a sunken tub

When it comes to luxurious remodeling bathroom shower ideas, having a sunken tub is one of them. It gives a seamless look to your bathroom. It may take longer to install, yet its overall impact is lucrative. The aesthetic appearance of a sunken tub adds value to your home. You just need to make it visible and safe for children and all users.

Have an artistic wall 

You can choose a portion of your bathroom wall and make that an artistic wall for you to gaze on. That said, there are plenty of shower remodeling ideas available online. You can select different colors of tiles with patterns to use for this matter. It could be that you’ll make an art wall of flowers or geometric designs for the wall.

Our designers can help you complete this project as part of your bathroom remodel. Oftentimes, we find this idea installed on the wall near the tub so that you have something to gaze upon while immersing in the tub.

Adding a skylight 

Letting more natural light come inside your bathroom is also great. It helps you save money while inviting the warmth and beauty of the outdoor. Our professionals can help layout and install a skylight on your bathroom. This is a smart way to add elegance and value to your space.

Need more bath shower remodeling ideas? 

We hope you had a wonderful time reading the article, and getting inputs for your bathroom renovation. There are many things you can do to make your shower and tub more exciting than ever. These improvements can add value and aesthetics to your home. Dupont Design Center is more than willing to be your guide for this journey on revamping your old bathroom.

Should you require a free consultation, feel free to reach out. Contact us online to book an appointment, or call us at 202-972-5760. 

We can help you design and plan for the best layout of your bathroom remodel. All of our professionals have the experience and expertise in the industry to make this project a successful one. Call now!

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